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Bonneville OffRoad Racing 2016 Jackpot 200 Miles of Hell


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Registration for the BOR 2016 Jackpot 200 Miles of Hell is now officially open! I tried something a little bit different, so please let me know if you have issues.

Registration link: https://squareup.com/store/bonneville-off-road-racing/

For those of you not familiar with this race, it will take place on July 2nd on BLM land just outside of Jackpot, NV and spans the border between Nevada and Idaho. It consists of a 40 mile loop that we'll race 5 times. Everything from UTV's to Unlimited Trucks and Buggies are welcome. More information can be found here: Bonneville Off-road Racing (BOR) Public Group | Facebook or here: http://bor-racing.org/

If you've raced with BOR in the last three years, I should have you in our database, so no need to follow up with an email giving your registration info as long as I recognize the name on the credit card. If in doubt, please at least email me with your driver of record, class, phone number, and race number. The rest can be taken care of at the race.

If you paid for a membership at Vernal, you're covered for the year. Individual race memberships are $15 otherwise and apply to all drivers/codrivers. New memberships will be handled at the race. Early registration ends on June 24th. Late registration adds $50 to the fees listed below.

PRO Truck/Buggy - $500 early
Sportsman Truck Buggy - $375 early
PRO UTV - $375 early
Sportman UTV - $250 early

We'll be marking on Friday, July 1st for anyone who wants to help or get some eyes on the course. We are planning on a guided pre-run, but haven't finalized the schedule yet.

Thanks to everyone, and big thanks to the BLM here for helping us through the processes to keep us racing on our land!


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I love the name! But I don't recall it being "200 miles of hell", except for "easy street", ha ha. Maybe it has changed? It was so cool to do this race close to "home" in Ideeho and to have friends and family finally come see what we do! Is the gnarly super-tight wash still used? I guess it has been 8 years ago for me, as I had just met Lara. That is really hard to believe... I sure wish my dad still prepped the truck in Twin Falls :(

Looking at the calendar now... will there be shirts available?


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Well, we're not going to call it 1 3/4 Miles of Hell, lol. The course is the same, lots of fun, fast desert racing, with some gnarly sections of rocks and steep hills between. No wash due to Indian artifacts.

We will have t-shirts.


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Hey, that's me! I will be back this year. Last time I raced jackpot it was without a steering stabilizer and with way too much tire pressure. This time I will be ready.

Hopefully get some more 1600 buggies.

When are they doing fireworks? That was a fun display over the pits.


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Always look forward to Jackpot. It was the first race I ever drove.

Tim, I'd guess Saturday for the Fireworks, but they may be doing them on Monday since it's the 4th.


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Excited to check out this course, always a good time with the B.O.R. crew, hope some of yall make it out.


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Thank you to everyone, as always, for a great race. I know entries were down, according to some our lowest turnout ever, but I had a great time, and it seems that all of you did as well.

Firstly, I hope these results are easier to read than those from Vernal. Let me know what you think of the new formatting, I’m always trying to improve things here. Results are listed in order of place, not starting order, with finishers color coded by standard US sports placing coloring schemes. Think of high school sports ribbons. And no, not everyone gets a trophy. Nate’s damn good and we don’t want to work him to death.

Secondly, we are not giving up on Jackpot. Everyone who races it always seems to love it, even if they kinda hate it. We have some ideas, many coming from racers new to BOR, that we think will help it recover next year. In fact, we’d love to see this race grow even beyond what it has been in the past. Some of these ideas include partnering with other sanctioning bodies, reinstituting a season championship, and exploring additional course in the area.

Thirdly, we’re still not opposed to bringing back bikes and quads, but we need some representatives from those groups to show up to the meetings to discuss the impacts to our current structure and operations.

We’ll be discussing all of this and more at our race meeting next Tuesday July 12th, 7 PM, 61 E 700 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 (Nate’s shop, also Suicide Lane Cycles). Regardless, we definitely plan on being back next year if there is enough interest there from the racers.

I was going to post a detailed thank-you list, but it grew too long. In general and in no particular order, I’d like to thank:

· Nate and Allen, my main partners in all of this.

· All of the volunteers, especially the Blackleys who even though weren’t racing their first BOR race in years, came up and made the race happen.

· All racers old and new, their families, and crews. A special shout out goes to Sims’ kids for picking the entire pit area and surrounding course.

· Ken and Dennis from the BLM, who were awesome to work with on a truncated permitting timeline and who, after the race was over, asked us what they need to do to make next year’s race happen for us.

One final thing. Next year it will be the Jackpot Independence 200. That was Nate’s idea, which seems pretty obvious in retrospect. I’m very curious to see those trophies, but I imagine we’ll have to wait about 363 days for that.

Any and all suggestions for making this a bigger and better event are welcome. Please email me at kyle.p.macarthur@gmail.com with your ideas or post them up here.

Thank you all!

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