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Bonneville OffRoad Racing 2017 schedule update


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OK, here's the latest, and it's good news!

In addition to Vernal, UT on May 20, and Jackpot, NV on July 1, we're in the process of finalizing the location for our September 9 race in or near Utah.

BLM Salt Lake, who covers everything between Salt Lake and the Nevada border along the I-80 corridor, has responded to my request to meet and discuss options for our fall race. My plan as of yesterday was to put in permits for West Wendover, NV, East Wendover, UT and Delle, UT, and hope for the best. Now, I’m going to put four race ideas in front of BLM SLC and see what the obstacles would be for each so we can make an intelligent decision as to which to apply for. We’ll apply with BLM Elko for West Wendover, NV regardless and we’re keeping Vernal, UT in our back pocket as well.

The races we’re looking at are:

  • East Wendover – 20 to 30 (possibly more) mile loop between Danger Cave State Park and the Silver Island Mountains/Salt Flats. Mix of BLM, State Trust and State Park land. Close to Wendover.
  • Knolls – 30 mile loop at Knolls Recreation Area. All on BLM land, who regularly hosts motorcycle races. 40 miles from Wendover, 60 from Tooele.
  • Aragonite – 35 mile short loop, 65 mile long loop at the Aragonite exit east of the Incinerator. All on BLM land, but in close proximity to the railroad (uses their access roads). Borders WSA for about 1/3 of the race miles. 55 miles from Wendover, 45 from Tooele.
  • Delle – 25 mile loop. A mix of BLM, State Trust and State Park land, also in close proximity to the railroad and uses their access roads. Borders WSA for a few miles. 35 miles from Tooele.
So, my meeting is next Thursday. We’ll be racing on existing roads and trails at each of these areas and all of them have good, established areas to use as pits. I have a lot of work ahead of me in the next week to prepare some exhibits for each proposed race. I’ll also have Special Recreation Permits, Operations and Safety Plans, and Course Maps for each proposed race.

After narrowing down the possibilities with SLC BLM, we’ll schedule a weekend of course finalization at our chosen sites, likely around Primm and the Mint (February 18th or 25th, or March 11th), weather permitting, so we can submit any updated maps before the 180 day permit submittal deadline. Updates beyond that deadline are not ideal, but possible.

Thanks everyone for your support and start calling your fellow racers to come out and race with BOR!



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Sounds like you have a great plan to put on some great races. Do you guys have handlebars racing too or just 4 wheel?

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July 1 in jackpot.... sounds fun! I sure miss that race!! "easy street?" lol


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Sounds like you have a great plan to put on some great races. Do you guys have handlebars racing too or just 4 wheel?
We have in the past, but not recently. We get asked that question a lot, and for us it's difficult for a few reasons:
  1. Our shorter loops makes it harder to keep bikes/quads separate from UTV/Limiteds and both groups separate from Unlimiteds in a one day race format. I think the last year we raced with bikes was before we had UTV's.
  2. USRA and Sage Riders (dedicated motorcycle racing groups) are so huge in Utah that most riders race with them on a regular basis. That's also somewhat true with UTV's.
  3. It drives insurance costs up and increases our need for onsite EMT's in addition to the two + ambulance that we already have.


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I had an awesome meeting with BLM SL this morning. Roxanne Tea, our Outdoor Recreation Planner, is fantastic and very supportive. I don't want to go into details at this point as not everything's been finalized, but it seems to me our best plan is to race Knolls on September 9th and keep pursuing the other options for the near future, both inside and outside of Utah. East Wendover, Aragonite, and Delle all seem like great possibilities for next year.

I have not had the time to pursue West Wendover, Wellington, or Grand Junction, but having three solid races on this year's calendar will afford me the time to pursue those as we work on logistics for the 2017 season.

Thanks everyone, see you at our next meeting and/or in Vernal!


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If you want to come have a ton of fun with a great group of racers with a well run organization, then come run with BOR! Here is a video of the Vernal race...