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Bonneville OffRoad Racing - Jackpot Freedom 250 - July 11, 2020!


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Hell yes, we're excited! BOR's Jackpot 250 is on! July 11th, all truck, buggy and UTV classes are welcome! Cactus Pete's will be open at 50%, and if they fill up, they may open up the Horseshu for us.

If you've never raced Jackpot, you're missing out, fast roads, rocky sections, washes, canyons, it has it all!

Jackpot 2020-page-001 (1).jpg





Anger Issues

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Anger Issues Racing will 100% be there!! This course has it all, fast stuff, rocks, trees, small hill climbs, and about 4 water crossings! Pitting is easy and you can camp for free. I have already been to the town of Jackpot to confirm the drinks are flowing and the dealers and doing their job with masks on (sucks for them).

Last year we drew first pro-class truck off the line and led 3 laps until finding out our rear-end oil had decided to vacate the housing somewhere during the first 100 miles.

Hear is a photo from testing on the other side of the highway. It is a beautiful area.

For those who have never raced a BOR race; everyone is super friendly, many teams help each other, and although the race is relatively small (so is the town), you can't beat the "bang for the buck". Jackpot is easily reached in 7 hours of mostly flat driving from Vegas.

Are we running backwards Kyle or same-same? Either way is great!

Ken and Lara



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Glad you guys are coming back out, I love Jackpot!

We're running pretty much the same course as last year but backwards (minus Hell Hill).

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Sounds great Kyle! I have also been in contact with Jim about volunteer and retrieval. Let us know if we can help in ANY way...

Also, "yes", I know I used the wrong "hear" up there... sometimes I type too fast and don't read what I wrote (my grammar-mode was turned off for the pandemic"). Just saving the RDC critics some time.


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Kyle, can you email me please about vendor opportunity at this race? Not sure it's a thing or not at that race, but with Baja 500 cancelled, I'l looking for races in July. Thanks. [email protected]


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Course marking last year along the railroad grade:


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We booked our room last night. Paul R gunna make it? Somebody get ahold of Steve Sells... I will bet 100 bucks against the Blitzkrieg!! He should have leftover $$ since SCORE aint happenin.

Also, I plan on having my 220 Gen. with my Millermatic 252 in the pits. I will verify this setup works in the next couple days. The welder will be FREE to those who needs it. We can peg up some tarps in case of wind.

Ya'all can leave your welders at home... since chase is rough there anyways.

#boogidyboogidyboogidyboysletsgoracing !!
#whatnewbronco ??
#whereinthewordisjohncole ??

ken and lala


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Ha, yes, Paul will be there, been talking to him regularly! Well, it's more him talking to me.... lol

Anyway, everything is still a go. Mandatory mask requirements in the hotels and casinos, but that's not really race related.

Can't wait!