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Does anyone know of any good metal working books that include chassis work, tube bending, race car stuff, etc.? If anyone one knows it would be greatly appreciated. I'm just getting into racing and want to learn some of the more technical work involved. Thanks.


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Chassis Engineering by Herb Adams

about $15 at most book stores in the automotive interest section.

Its mostly geared to left turners but it has the basics of suspension geometry


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Dylan, Thanks for the reply. I also found some info on Amazon.com. I located some books by Herb Adams and Carroll Smith. Should be some good info.


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Carroll Smith has a few very good books. Prepare to Win and Engineer to Win are a few of the titles. Jeff Hibbard also a a good book for building a Baja Bug. The technology is kind of outdated but the princples are excellent and it gives you a great foundation to work from.