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Border Paperwork

Can somebody tell me what kind of vehicle documentation I need for crossing into Mexico to race? I have all the normal title, registration and insurance for the truck and trailer, but I do not have a title for the Class 5-1600 buggy. I am at the front end of the 3 year process, here in Washington State, in getting a lost title. Does this keep me out of Baja?

Anger Issues

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101 people have read this but nobody responded? Odd. This is just based upon my 1+ years of taking trucks into Mex.

It is getting harder, for sure. They used to just wave at ya 'cause they knew ya brought in money to buy beer and lap-dances. Now-a-days, depending on the crossing location, they may pull you over to the special side (far right at TJ), look at your paperwork, X-ray your rig and trailer. You will want SOMETHING showing the vehicles are yours. IMO, gone are the days of just letting someone else take your stuff in for you. I don't know how the big boys do it... having employees drive their stuff over the border, maybe someone from RPM can comment. The rockstars are already down there pre-running, etc, and someone takes their rigs over.

I wouldn't take the title (I never do), just insurance papers, registration, even "off-road" registration. ANYTHING showing you own the vehicle.

3-year process? What the hell? In Idaho they print you a duplicate for 14 bucks.

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I went to the December code race in 15 and had to go back to AAA to get the rite registration for my class 11 that was street legal but they want to see the pink slip is really what they wanted. If you can make your own vin that has registration attached to it that would work but to go with out anything for the race car I am 100 percent sure they would turn you away and make you go back to the USA.

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For my Ultra4 car we have just used a Bill of Sale on company letterhead from the shop that built the chassis. But everything else has to be in order.



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The last few times I have crossed with cars on trailers, they wanted to see registration and match the VIN of same. Some folks I know that went down recently for the 500 simply unloaded before the border and drove the car across with no issues. Apparently if it is running under its own power, no big deal, but on a trailer, they want to check.


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1) For yourself and all other people with you, all need a tourist permit (FMM) purchased at the border for around $25US each. Passport book or card is required. FMM is free for a week, otherwise it is good for 180 days with permission for reuse during that period.
2) For what you are driving you need current registration.
3) For what you tow you need vehicle registration just like what you are driving. Trailer and rig on the trailer. No tags on the trailered rig then you still need the registration that they can compare with the VIN. Get tags for your racer or off road rig and keep it simple.
Several times I have had to climb on the trailer and start my rig to prove it was an operating vehicle. Other times the person just asked me if it runs. Many times I end up in secondary with my trailered rig, which is painfully slow. Be prepared, your experience may be different depending on the border person attitude. During the short period just before a major race the rules get very relaxed. Don't count on it.
Using shortcuts or other scams will rarely work.


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One of the times we went with four bikes on a flatbed. None of us had paperwork. My buddy had the reg for his boat in the glove box. We made four copies at office depot and got across no problem. Super strange the guy at the border looked at the vin on all four bikes with the boat registration in his hand, all the same, and let us in no problem.
You will need a current registration for your trailer, your race car and your tow vehicle. Have all the paperwork ready when you’re crossing, not a bad idea to yellow highlight the VIN number, the license number and the registration expiration date. I live in Baja and I cross a lot with a trailer with a Polaris and my M416 Jeep trailer. The old days of getting waved are long gone and always stop at Declare and get a FMM (Visa), it takes five minutes (unless a bus pulls in)


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Basically you need to have actual current registration for everything if you do not want to worry about it. We have been returned before for only having proof of ownership of racecar/prerunner. As long as you have a registration paper that is current for your vehicles and trailers you should be good. BTW out of state california ohv permit does not count.


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Cameras cameras cameras. The Jefe is in a room watching cameras. The front line guys and gals are mostly doing their job, checking current registration vs the VIN. At times bikes are so buried in the trailer there is no way they can see the VIN but humor the staff and help them act like they are doing their job completely and accurately. Never had an issue with the proper papers.

Now wanting $100 for our generator and $100 for the bike without papers (tag on plate good) is where I get a bit upset and tee off on their corrupt ****. "you, you, and you get NO MONEY" "turn us around", we were close to Yuma so printed a copy of the reg at the DMV and returned and were waived right through...

In my book respect for those doing their jobs, may be my stolen bike crossing... Dirty workers, I'm in their face.

Baja Bryan

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They do not care about pink slips. They want matching numbers registration. Expired will not work most of the time. Dont chance it have current registration original copy, no photo copies. Also have a passport and stop get a ims office and get tourist permit. Most important stop at border and get mexican auto insurance. your personal policy wont keep you out of jail.


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Your choice to build involves paperwork and the VIN is one more thing to address. Contact DMV for the protocol to get a VIN. Otherwise go across with the race crowd and you will probably not have to have anything at all because that is when the rules are most lax (good luck). Any other time you need a registration and tags for all motor vehicles which you cannot get without a VIN.
Do your homework and get VIN, registration, and tags in Arizona. Find someone with a real AZ address to use for your paper work. This process can be done for side by side, custom hot rods, custom built prerunners, and race vehicles. Check out the AZ tags on Robby Gordons Dakar racer.
Many people use South Dakota because they do it by mail, including tag renewal. You can get driver license and low cost insurance for the US, but is is more difficult because you have to go to SD to get a drivers licence.
With tags is is also possible to get Mexican insurance.

Wendell #527

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How do you get a VIN for a home built race car? (Not truck, trailer, etc.)

In CA you go to the DMV to get paperwork for special construction vehicle. They send you to the CHP to inspect it, then back to DMV and get your green sticker. Save all the major components receipts like motor, trans, etc.


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I've actually almost had them tun me back because I had the pink (title) but no registration, even though I had just transferred it and the current reg. was visible on the title. I go through about 5 or 6 times a year and if you have reg., you're all good. Rarely had them check VINs.