BORE: Boniville Express Results


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Apr 2, 2001
Centerville, Utah
1st: Scott Butcher, 5 (38 mile) laps in 5:18:32
2nd: Troy Parham, Stacy Temple, 5 laps in 6:23:30.
3rd: David mores, Steve Morse, 4 laps in 4:04:08, ventalated the case running the last lap with only 1st gear and over reve the motor. Dave said he knew better!
4th: Michael Conner, 4 laps in 4:24:27, Lost a rear shock at the end of the 1st lap and ran the next 3 without one rear shock.
5th: Andy Joy, Mike McCormick, 3 laps in 4:30:11, I belive they had ball joint and/or spindle problems. This was their first race with BORE if not their very first race.
6th: Cameron Blackley, Mark Rencher, 1 lap in 0:59:48, Broke a rocker shaft stud on lap 2. Hard to continue with just 2 cylinders!
7th: Patrick Ellis, 1 lap in 4:04:04, Missed a corner near check 1 and hurt his back. his codriver continued the lap but had ball joint trouble.

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