BORE Ely 200 Results


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The BORE Ely 200 was run on Sat. 07 Sep. 02. Only 4 of the 5 regular BORE Class 9 cars were there along with three cars coming up from Las Vegas to join in the fun, and 1 from Colorado. All classes ran 8 laps on the 25 mile corse.

1st: Brandon Hughes, 8 laps, 05:08:08. From Vegas
2nd: Dave Morse, 8 laps, 05:14:45, Slowed by a broken front shock.
3rd: Scott Butcher, 8 laps, 05:15:50, Had a broken spindle after tangeling with a mini truck coming out of the pits at the start of lap 7, Scott was running in front at the time.
4th: Kevin Olsen, 8 laps, 05:18:31. Also from Vegas.
5th: Cameron Blackley, 8 laps, 05:24:54, Rolled the car on lap 1 about mile 5, lost 2nd gear on lap 6 at about the same spot.
6th: Stacy Temple, 7 laps, 05:26:51, Had ball joint troubles on lap 1 and lap 6 and unknown trouble on lap 7, Stacy set fast lap on lap 2 with a 00:36:30 lap.
7th: Kirk Cooley, 2 laps, 01:21:38, Unknown troubles, from Colorado.
8th: Thomas Martin, 1 lap, 00:38:29, Unknown troubles, the 3rd car from Vegas.

Thanks to all who showed up to make the last race of the season a great success!!!

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