BORE Ely 200 Results


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Apr 2, 2001
Centerville, Utah
BORE's last race of the season was run on 06 Sept. 03. We had five cars show for this race.
Scott Butcher drew the first starting spot, followed by Cameron Blackley, then Robert Bass, next was
Don Blakely, and bringing up the rear was Dave Morse.
The race was eight laps of the 25 mile corse. After lap one the cars came through in the same order that they started, but with the lap times nearly reversed of the starting order. The dust made it hard to get past the car ahead of them. And with no wind to move the dust off the track everyone was running at the edge of the dust from the car in front of them. Scott was the first car through but runnig fifth on time, Cameron was next only 17 sec. behind Scott but forth on time, Robert came through third 31 sec. back but in second on time. Dave was next, the only one to make a pass on the track, and in first on time by 45 sec. Don was the last car in on lap 1, 23 sec. behind Dave. All five cars came through within 1 min. 16 sec.
Lap two saw two car fall out. Don stopped in the pits to change a helmet due to a broken visor. And when he let out the clutch to leave an axel snapped. Robert made about 3/4 of the lap and dropped out with electrical problems from the battery coming lose and shorting out. Scott was still the first car through, and now up to second on time. Cameron was the next through, 28 sec. back but first on time by 2 sec. Dave came through last 6 min. 15 sec. back on time.
Lap three saw Scott take the lead by 1 sec. over Cameron and Dave Still in third by 5 min. 52 sec.
On lap four Scott broke a ball joint dropping him to third. And trying to get back to the pits the other ball joint on that side broke taking the shock with it. Cameron retook the lead and was up 6 min. 36 sec.
over Dave.
Laps 5 and 6 saw no change in posision, but the leed for Cameron had dropped to 4 min. 42 sec. and Scott's Car back on the track to start his fifth lap right behind Cameron on the start of his sixth lap, but with Todd Bingham now behind the wheel of Scott's car.
Lap seven saw a new leader when Cameron lost time with a broken front shock, giving the lead to Dave and letting Scott/Todd back on the same lap.
With Repairs made, lap 8 saw Cameron charging hard down 4 min. 50 sec. to Dave, but with the miles running out the time could not be made up and Dave took the win, withCameron finishing 14 sec. behind Dave on the track and 1min 54 sec. down on time. Todd runnig hard on the last three laps came in 30 min. 27 sec. behind Cameron giving Scott third.

1st: Dave Morse: lap 1 00:41:53, lap 2 00:47:44, lap 3 00:39:23 (fast lap), lap 4 00:40:29, lap 5 00:40:13, lap 6 00:40:31, lap 7 00:41:30, lap 8 00:43:26, total 05:19:09.
2nd: Cameron Blackley: lap 1 00:42:46, lap 2 00:40:34, lap 3 00:39:48, lap 4 00:39:45, lap 5 00:41:13, lap 6 00:41:25, lap 7 00:51:02, lap 8 00:40:20, total 05:36:53.
3rd: Scott Butcher: lap 1 00:42:59, lap 2 00:40:23, lap 3 00:39:45, lap 4 01:12:09, lap 5 00:51:14, lap 6 00:40:22, lap 7 00:40:17, lap 8 00:40:01, total 06:07:10.
4th: Robert Bass: lap 1 00:42:38, total DNF.
5th: Don Blakely: lap 1 00:42:45, total DNF.