BORE Jackpot 200 Results


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Apr 2, 2001
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Centerville, Utah
The Jackpot 200 was held July 4-5, only 5 cars showed up for the second race of the BORE season.
The 27 mile corse was complete with fast county roads, winding washes, rocks, and some of the best
Nev. silt around. The race was eight laps long for a total of 216 miles.

Lap one had Cameron Blackley in front by 1:24 over Scott Butcher's car driven by Todd Bingham. In third was Don Blakely only 21 sec. back, then Dave Morse 4 sec. behind Don. And Steve Siddoway
not completing the first lap.

Lap two had Cameron still in front but losing some time to Todd now only 42 sec. behind. Dave now up to third 30 sec. back, with Don only 14 sec. behind Dave.

Things changed more on lap 3 with Todd in first with Dave hot on his heels only 4 sec back.Then Cameron coming in 4:13 behind Dave on three wheels after hitting a hole in the silt about a mile from the start finish, ending his day. Don had ball joint troubles on lap 3 coming in 1:28:01 behind Cameron.

Lap four had Dave now in front with Todd 1:52 back, after stoping to fix a throttle return spring, and Don bringing up the rear 1:59:48 and a couple laps behind Todd.

On lap five both Dave and Todd made pit stops to start the lap, with Todd getting out and Scott getting in for the last 4 laps, and Dave Staying in for the whole race. At the end of the lap Dave was still in front by 1:21 over Scott. But Scott parked his car after lap 5 with a blown trans. Don still in third 2:26:17

Laps six, seven and eight had Dave in front slowing on lap 7 for a flat tire and some electrical problems,
but with a huge lead to take first. Don managed to get in 6 laps and passed Scott to take second.

1st: Dave Morse lap 1 41:42, lap 2 40:28, lap 3 40:29, lap 4 41:16, lap 5 43:32, lap 6 42:44
lap 7 1:10:28, lap 8 49:46, total 6:10:28.

2nd: don blakely lap 1 41:41, lap 2 40:46, lap 3 2:12:28, lap 4 1:10:43, lap 5 1:09:30, lap 6 51:53,
total 6:47:01 DNF

3rd: Scott butcher lap 1 41:22, lap 2 40:21, lap 3 40:54, lap 4 43:13, lap 5 43:01,
total 3:28:51 DNF

4th: Cameron Blackley lap 1 39:58, lap 2 41:03, lap 3 45:53,
total 2:06:54 DNF

5th:Steve Siddoway DNF