BORE Jackpot 200


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Results from the Jackpot 200 held July 06 2002 in Jackpot NV.

1st. Cameron Blackley, 5 laps 04:45:09. Clean race with no problems.
2nd. Stacy Temple, 5 laps 04:55:28. Had one flat, no other problems.
3rd. Robert Bass & Jacob Buhler,4 laps 04:05:22.Had unknown problems on the last lap.
4th. Scott Butcher, 4 laps 05:02:28. Broke a spindle on the first lap, then lost all the brakes.
5th. Dave Morse, 0 laps. had electrical problems, no fire to the engine.

Everyone had a GREAT time at Jackpot!!!
The next BORE Race will be Sept. 6 & 7 in Ely NV.
Make plans now to be there!!!

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