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Bosch VW Alternator - Rewound


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Hi Guys
Anyone have an outlet for rewound but new 90-100amp Type 1 alternators? Really was hoping to find a Bosch since it is a race car, and hoping to have it for the 500.

Race Ready doesn't have them in stock anymore and said it might take 6 weeks, and I saw them on Socal Imports' website for nearly $500, so wondering if there is anything else out there.

Thanks much.


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Just gave them a shout. Sounds like it would be a custom job through them so about 3-4 weeks. Race Ready has actually started to use AES to send out and custom wind and upgrade the staters since they don't stock the 100amp anymore.

Narrowed it between the Empi looking one at Moore parts and the reworked Bosch one on Socal Imports.

Thanks for the reference though!