Boxer Wilderness Bill Proposed


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<font color=yellow>Wilderness Bill Proposed</font color=yellow>
Legislation: Sen. Boxer seeks to add 2.5 million acres to state's highly protected public land. Opposition is expected.


Another 2.5 million acres of public land in California would receive federal wilderness protection under legislation proposed by U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer--potentially the third-largest such addition in the state since passage of the Wilderness Act nearly 40 years ago.

The wilderness bill, which Democrat Boxer plans to introduce next week in the Senate, would ban logging, construction and <font color=yellow>motorized vehicles in 77 areas of the state, ranging from the North Coast to the Eastern Sierra and the Southern California desert.</font color=yellow>

A coalition of more than 200 groups has been working to gather support for the proposal for several years, and backers say they have assembled a broad range of endorsements, from recreational equipment companies to sporting and environmental groups. Still, Boxer has no Republican co-sponsors and expects the Bush administration to oppose the bill.

"We know what we're up against. I'm up for it," she said Friday. "To me, California has always been about our state's intrinsic beauty.... We want to make sure that when we have 50 million people by 2025, we have places that are wilderness so people can see what God created."

About three-fourths of the proposed wilderness is in national forests, <font color=yellow>21% is in U.S. Bureau of Land Management holdings </font color=yellow>and 5% in national parks. Although already protected by those designations, the "wilderness" status imposes greatly heightened restrictions.

The largest tract, and potentially one of the most controversial, covers 297,000 acres of national forest and Bureau of Land Management land in the White Mountains just east of the Sierra Nevada, where there is a vocal contingent of off-road vehicle users.

Other additions would include:

* 136,000 acres to the John Muir Wilderness in the Sierra.

* A number of tracts in Los Padres National Forest in Southern California, including a 64,000-acre addition to San Rafael Wilderness.

The proposal would also give portions of 22 rivers protection under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

Proponents say their coalition, the California Wild Heritage Campaign, has been talking to advocacy groups for years to fashion a plan that would be acceptable to a range of interests.

The 2.5 million acres outlined in the bill represent roughly a third of the California land eligible for wilderness designation under federal guidelines.

<font color=yellow>So then how much land in California is owned by the Gov't and under the control or guidance of the U.N. with this bill? </font color=yellow>

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Ok some call Rush Limbugh.



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Just what we need, another land grab!

This statement is a joke - "We know what we're up against. I'm up for it," she said Friday. "To me, California has always been about our state's intrinsic beauty.... We want to make sure that when we have 50 million people by 2025, we have places that are wilderness so people can see what God created."

We will have wilderness places we can see, we just choose to see them on our quads, snowmobiles, motorcycles, etc.. Try slowing the population growth in CA and we'll be fine. Not everybody believes that god created everything so does that mean they would be exempt from the bans on OHV use when they use the "Gods creations" or "lands created by God" phrases in their proposals?

Sorry, I'm in a pissy mood today!!

Thanks Paige, Martin, and everybody else whos been working with this BS.


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I just got this e-mail ~

Friends of the Rubicon,
>We're planning a protest/rally of the new Wilderness Bill proposed
>by Senator Boxer here in CA. As you know, Boxer is connected with
>the California Wilderness Coalition, the Sierra Club and the
>Wildlands Project. It's all connected -- just like they want; one
>big happy world of Wilderness with habitat connectivity and wildlife
>corridors everywhere you look.
>Help if you can. See this web site:
><A target="_blank" HREF=></A>

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Public Land for Public Use Rally
About 14 million acres in California, roughly 14 percent of its total land base, is already designated wilderness, off-limits to motorized vehicles, bicycles, horse-back riding, grazing, logging, mining, oil drilling and other forms of commercial development. Senator Barbara Boxer wants to add another 2.5 million acres to that! We're going to speak up and be heard.

A gathering of multiple use advocates protesting Senator Boxer's Wilderness Act of 2002 and the continual closure of public land for multiple use

Thursday July 11, 2002

Main event will be held in Sacramento, CA
Other locations will have similiar event; could include Senator Boxer's offices in: San Francisco, San Diego, San Bernadino, Fresno & Los Angeles or wherever we can get enough people together to make it worthwhile.

Our Message
* Oppose Senator Boxer's Wilderness Bill *
* Reform the Endangered Species Act *
Support responsible multiple-use on public lands
Support BlueRibbon Coalition's Back Country concept
Support Congressman Doolittle's 'Wilderness Study Area Release Act' (HR 4589)

CONTACT: Jon Crowley, Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) and Friends of Sand Mountain (among other ogranizations) Call Jon at (530) 677-1651.

Sacramento: We will be meeting at 11:00 AM. We will depart for the Sacramento Capitol at 12:00 Noon sharp and proceed to circle the Capitol in a very slow manner. After circling the Capitol, we will drive to Senator Boxer's office to hand over the petition to oppose more Wilderness Area designations.
Wilderness Area designation excludes mechanical access, so it would be best to to bring your 4x4's, mountain bikes, or even tow a trailer with motorcycles & ATV's. We will drive slow enough so the bikes will easily be able to keep up.

Please bring your family. We want to show the general public that families loose when access to public land for recreational purposes is denied.

Signs and banners are encouraged, but please keep them clean. We should have news coverage at the event, so we must look professional and maintain the high ground. Sign ideas can be found online at

Please Sign the online petition to oppose the designation of more Wilderness Areas:

If you are interested in organizing the event for areas outside of Sacramento, or have any ideas or suggestions please contact Jon Crowley -

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sometimes you just shake your head and wonder who she is working for...the citizens of california or some elite environemntaists who want us all herded into urban centers surrounded by wildlife corridors and we each get a 1 week pass to enter the wilderness on foot, naked, with a coffee can to hold our fecal matter and toilet paper...

If your gonna go, go BIG


Re: "sometimes you just shake your head and wonder who she is working for"

I feel most politicians work for whoever will support ($$$) their lame ass campaigns!! They don't care about shiatt - except votes, money and power! My 2 cents.



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Well that is Boxer in a nut shell - she gets a lot of $$$ from enviro orgs including the CBD from what I understand. Isn't there a way to find out who her campaign contributors are?

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paige- i believe they have to disclose all contribution above a certain amount. not sure which applies, 200 dollars or 1000. she is a federal candidate. she has to release her donations for every election.

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More payoffs for Boxer sounds like. She's been in office for like 40 years or seems like it, with that other Dinosaur Feinstein. Voting is the way to get rid of them. If you don't like it, vote em out !!!! It seems like Cranston another criminal is out, 2 more step in, get the pattern. Only in America where you go into office middle income type of living, and you come out filthy rich !!!!!!! Bottom line is these people would sell their own mothers @$$ to get ahead...


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Here is the list for the Boxer Wilderness Bill ~

1) Angeles National Forest (ANF) "West Fork Wilderness Area" 3,200 acres
2) ANF "Silver Mountain WA" 7,680 ac
3) ANF "Castaic WA" 567,320 ac
4) ANF "Magic Mt. WA" 12,160 ac
5) ANF "Pleasant View WA" 19,200 ac
7) ANF "Sheep Mt. WA" 8.960
8) ANF "Santa Clarita Canyons WA" 2,560 ac
9) Cleveland NF "Eagle Peak WA" 23,371 ac
10) Eldorado & Humboldt-Toiyabe & Inyo NF " Caples Creek WA" 23,040 ac
11) E & H-T & I NF "Meiss Meadows WA" 19,380 ac
12) E & H-T & I NF "Hoover WA" 79,360 ac
13) Inyo NF ""Owens River Headwaters additions to Ansel Adams WA" 14,800 ac
14) Inyo NF & Bishop BLM "John Muir WA additions" 136,320 ac
15) INF & B/BLM & Ridgecrest BLM "White Mts. WA" 297,000 ac
16) Klamath NF "Marble Mt. WA additions" 64,160 ac
17) KNF "Red Butte WA additions" 51,600 ac
18) KNF "Russian WA additions" 19,360 ac
19) Lassen NF "Heart Lake WA" 19,000 ac
20) LNF "Wild Cattle Mt. WA" 4,760 ac
21) LNF "Caribou WA additions" 6,400 ac
22) Los Padres NF "Black Mt. WA" 11,500 ac
23) LPNF "Dick Smith WA additions" 48,625 ac
24) LPNF Garcia WA additions" 3,550 ac
25) LPNF "Machesna WA additions" 9,050 ac
26) LPNF "Matilija WA additions" 47,400 ac
27) LPNF "San Rafael WA additions" 64,500 ac
28) LPNF "Ventana WA additions" 37,110 ac
29) LPNF "Silver Peak additions" 17,055
30) LPNF "Chumash additons" 47,050
31) LPNF "Sespe additions" 14,350
32) Mendocino NF "Snow Mt. additions" 23,800
33) MNF "Sanhedrin" 10,160
34) MNF & Arcata BLM "Yuki" 51,790
35) Plumas NF "Feather Falls" 9,000
36) San Bernardino NF "Cahuilla" 7,040
37) SBNF "South Fork San Jacinto" 8,320
38) SBNF "Cucamonga additions" 12,480
39) SBNF "San Gorgonio additions" 17,920
40) SBNF "Sugarloaf" 8,320
41) Sequoia NF "Domelands additions" 11,200
42) SNF "Golden Trout additions" 41,280
43) SNF "Bright Star additions" 48,000
44) Sierra NF "South Fork Merced" 39,360
45) Six Rivers NF "Mt. Lassic" 7,300
46) SRNF "Mad River Buttes" 5,740
47) SRNF & KNF "Siskiyou additions" 86,470
48) SRNF & Mendocino & Shasta-Trinity & the Redding & Arcata BLM "Yolla
Bolly-Middle Eel additions" 40,550
49) SRNF & KNF & STNF "Trinity Alps additions" 97,590
50) SRNF & STNF "Underwood" 12,750
51) Stanislaus NF "Emigrant" 25,280
52) Stainslaus & Hum-Toy NF "Carson Iceberg additions" 35,200
53) Tahoe NF "Black Oak" 12,160
54) TNF "Duncan Canyon" 2,880
55) TNF "North Fork American" 20,480
56) TNF "Granite Chief additions" 4,880
57) TNF "Castle Peak" 16,350
58) TNF "Grouse Lakes" 17,280
59) Bishop BLM "Granite Mt." 17,920
60) Bakersfield BLM "Caliente Mt." 24,680
61) CDD BLM "Carrizo Gorge additions" 6,508
62) CDD BLM "Sawtooth additions" 6,518
63) CDD BLM & Cleveland NF "Hauser additions" 7,361
64) CDD BLM "Big Horn Mt. additions" 1,920
65) CDD BLM "Avawatz Mts." 64,300
66) CDD BLM " Cady Mts." 92,878
67) CDD BLM "Soda Mts." 110,800
68) CDD BLM "Kingston Range" 41,400
69) CDD BLM "Denning Springs additions" 27,560
70) Alturas BLM "Pit River" 6,600
71) Ukiah BLM "Cache Creek" 71,314
72) Arcata BLM "King Range" 41,100
73) Arcata BLM "South Fork Eel" 14,000

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