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I am getting ready to start on the brake system on my 96' Sonoma. I plan on getting rid of my stock braking system and going to a Wilwood system( master cylinders in cab type thing) I was wondering what I will need to complete my project (i.e.. proportioning valves, residual pressure valves, boosters, etc.)
Any help would be great.


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You can go to dual m/c's w/o having to resort to having them in the cab unless you want to. Wilwood has a remote balance bar assembly that could be mounted to the firewall and operate from your stock pedal if there's enough room. Check their page.
With a balance bar you shouldn't need a proportioning valve, that's the purpose of the bar. As far as RPV's go, with the m/c's mounted above the brakes you shouldn't need any for the discs. You will need a 10 pound RPV for any drums that might be present. Normally you won't need a booster with dual m/c's unless the truck is really heavy, but talk to one of their sales - tech guys first. Mike Sims has had some off road exposure. Ask him about m/c bore sizing too. Part of the proportioning is baselined by that. In a very short while the new, all aluminum m/c bodies will be available, I'd wait for those.


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