brakes and ford 9 inch on 1400


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ive been asking alot of questions about building a 1400 race truck
well heres one on brakes and ford 9 inch, front spindle will be from a 90's toyota 4x4

i will be running wilwood brakes, ive called them and they told me what ones to get.
specs: billet narrow mount dyno pro
12.72" rotor
1 1/4" disc width
1 3/4" piston bore
thats with 17" rims

what hubs will work with those brakes? pro-am 30 series, prerunner series, or trophy truck series?
6 x 6 1/2 lug or 6 x 5 1/2 lug?

ford 9 inch
what year is the best to get? widest?
the place i am getting it from will build it however i want for $750-$800
locker or posi or e-locker?



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You want 6x5.5 to match your front. Econoline Van rear ends are the widest I believe, and run a spool.


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Okay, and what kind of hub would be best for racing though?
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