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Curt LeDuc

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I have spent many years pre running Baja and these Broncos may not be the fastest but are really well suited to drive down,pre run,chase the race and drive home. Post up some pictures of your bronco as ford gets ready to relaunch the new bronco. This truck is available for this year,with the 50 th Baja 1000 on the way be prepared for one of the longest race course in history!

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Look forward to putting some more Baja miles on my Bronco for this years 1000. The plan is to race Norra 2017 with it as well.



Spent many years prerunning in Baja. This has been all over the peninsula since 2001. I just want to thank Curt Leduc for giving me the most reliable prerunner anyone could hope for. Put 101,000 miles on from his original build. Going down to prerun Baja 1000 next month.


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I am definitely liking where this is going, I've been going down to Baja my entire life. I finally have my Bronco where she needs to be, this Baja 1000 will be her first trip. Truly believe that the Bronco is the best all purpose vehicle for what Mexico has to offer. See everyone down there

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Big time Bronco fan/addict thanks to broncolee...LOL!

Cool videos of my Bronco:

Flatiron Bronco in Baja:

Another killer video:


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[/ATTACH] bronco-pantoja-pit-bw.gif bronco-pantoja-rear-loreto.gif bronco-pantoja-still-loreto.gif bronco-pantoja-cab-loreto.gif Here are some pictures of two of our Broncos. They have always been great pre-runners and fun NORRA race trucks, as well as some local races.
The first is 4x4, with double shackled leaf springs in the rear, whilst the second one has equal I-Beams up front, with 4 link in the rear. Both have external transmission cooler, 3- seaters, with 44 gallon fuel cell, two spares and space for tools and cooler.
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Mark Newhan

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Good content Curt. RDC needs MORE threads like this. I have the Bronco that you built for Steve at the shop for some upgrades. I'll post some pictures as it materializes.


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Cant call her a prerunner cause I dont race but hope to have it hauling my butt around the deserts soon. mostly finished, small things here and there to do. I know the thread was prerunners so dont bash me to much!


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I'm not a Bronco guy, but we had a couple of them on our Run to Land's End last year. They are extremely capable Baja vehicles and it's sure nice having the 4 wheel drive along when the rest of us run out of talent....