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Saturday in Rancho Santa Margarita, I saw a white bronco, looked like full glass, on 35's or 37's, it was white and primered with 3's on the side windows. Does anyone know whos this is?? I dont know if it has something to do with Riviera or not.. It looked like it had Kevlar projects on it with the ribbed sidewalls so he might have something to do with a big team... Thanks in advance..


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that might be scalzo's... scalzo's isn't widened and it runs bilstien coilovers.


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I see a white bronco (Not OJ's!) almost everyday on the way home that sounds similar to the one you described. I havn't noticed a 3 on the side but next time I see it I'll look. It's always on Red Hill in Santa Ana, then he gets on 5 south and takes off on 133 south. The one I see regularly looks REALLY nice!!

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John thats my buddies dad's truck, and he chases for Riviera. He lives in Trabuco Canyon/RSM. Its basically stock suspension, with Glass, but with a BIG 400 CID, and a 3 Speed. He's the coolest 50 year old guy you'd ever meet.