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Brown eye girls first night of class


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We have a new student in our class, she goes by the name "brown eye girl". Her first night was last night and she started welding in the first hour. She is enrolled in the build your own sandrail class. In this class she will have 20 hours of welding practice followed with 160 hours of build time. She can build any style of sandrail she wants, the instructors on the floor will help can coach her along the way.


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Seems to me that a woman might have some distinct advantages in welding... A tig gun requires a delicate touch, (that's why I suck at it) and women typically have a little more finesse than most guys.

Have fun, enjoy the class and don't burn down the building!


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Her real name is Elysha and she's way stoked. And yes, a lot of women turn out to be excellent welders.


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We had a female welder working in my company for awhile and we right now just recently hired a female machinist.


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My instructor in an ROP Welding class i took was a cool Samoan chick. she welds at the ship docks in Long Beach.


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thanks chris.. It's auctually Brown eyeD girl.. :D

pretty funny tho.. thankfully the guys pointed that out for me.
but.. yeah.. hi everyone, My name is Elysha...
I cant wait for my chassis to be done. I'm having way too much fun in this class.. Learning more and more every day.
I'll post up some pictures once I get some new ones.


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Hey Elysha, get some funny pics of Klaus if you can and post 'em. :D