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Bryce Menzies injured

Curtis Guise

Hopefully Bryce gets better soon. I wonder who will be driving his TT at the SF250 next week.

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Bryce Menzies was injured while filming a commercial in Glamis yesterday. He was driving his pro4 truck and had a hard hit which fractured 2 vertebra in his back. He was airlifted out. Good news is he is going to be OK and has been released from the hospital today and is now resting. He is OUT of racing for 6-8 weeks. His truck will still be racing San Felipe however, who do you think is going be the driver??


Baja Bobsled Team
I am a B.M. fan, but I am thinking he needs to knock off the silly commercial video shoots and focus on racing. This is two in a row plus the endo at Dakar. Love the results at the Mint, but you shouldn't have to ruin yourself to appease sponsors. Say'n...aka my 2.1 pesos.


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Totally agree with you Baja , once was ehhh maybe just bad luck but this is getting ridiculous . Stick to the actual racing and leave the hooning to guys like nitro circus etc .

Samco Fab

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Bummer news. Tough call on the media side, he has to keep his sponsors happy and sometimes you gotta do that kind of stuff. Setting a world record is like a race win, you gotta give him that.

I really want to see him finish Dakar.


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So if somebody elses drives his TT would the truck get the points or the driver?


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Bummer for Bryce.

As far as him doing commercials instead of racing, that may not be his choice. If the big sponsors he has say to do it what choice does he have? I personally would love to make a living racing, and if doing a few commercials or breaking the world distance record was mixed in to keep sponsors happy I would gladly accept.

I hope he has a speedy recovery and can get back to kicking butt in the desert.


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I don't think he realizes the life long consequences of this type of injury....

Chris Tobin

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I hope he goes with surgeons that truly want the best for him in the long run, and that they don't simply patch him back up and send him down the road...

My wife broke her back in a car accident when she was only 16 and they said she'd be good to go from there... But she has been suffering the effects of that event for a long time now and as she is getting older they are more and more painful and there is less and less they can do to help!!!

I would rather see him miss a full season of racing and have long term health than get back into the car now and have terrible problems down the road...

As for sponsor stunt obligations, I'm sure Bryce has a say in what the do or don't do and what HE chooses to attempt or not attempt. And for the most part he probably has a blast doing these things... until something goes wrong. I doubt anyone was twisting his arm to get him in the truck to do something that we and he considers "cool"!!!


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This is no different than BJ doing Recoil videos; the sponsors know racing isn't what gets their returns, it's viral videos. Thousands of people see off-road races, millions see videos on youtube.

Hopefully Bryce makes a full recovery!