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Budget hubs


I’m looking for a hub / spindle about the is 6 x 5.5. I do not want a race hub set up from one of the manufactures that sell big bearing hub kits. I’ve seen the stuff for bronco/f150 but they are all 5x5.5 lug pattern.

Looking for Dana 44 but the spindle snout needs to bolt onto the 6 x 4” bolt circle pattern. I want something I can buy straight from the local auto parts store. Only thing I’d upgrade is probably the lug but studs to 5/8” studs

Chevy blazer perhaps? If so what year should I look into? 2wd preferably as well.



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Chevy Dana 44 , 4x4 snouts are the same 6 bolt pattern as a ford, and the rotors are 6x5.5. Good budget option for Chevy and Toyota guys. Early 80’s k10/blazer parts.