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budget toyota prerunner


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I just got a POS 87 toyota xtended cab longbed pickup to build a prerunner out of. This truck is not at all going to be a daily driver, but will be driven on the street to get to the desert. Street manners will be a must as the freeway that goes out to the trails is the only way to get there. The car has a 2.4L carb'd motor with a blown headgasket and front seal but has a totally straight frame. I have a 22r sitting in the shop and if it bolts in, it'll go in. Its an EFI motor however, so i have to find a carb setup (assuming that the wiring is a mess - it almost always is). Any input on that would be appreciated.

What i am really curious about is what kind of setups you guys really go with: wheelbase, shocks, rear leaf setup (gonna go with deaver prolly, eric has been helpful, and national screwed up our spring order for our XJ crawler), motor choices (22r/20rhybrid/v6...) front suspension stuff etc. This is a super low budget car so fabbing stuff up will probably be the route to follow here. The car will not be raced, just built for kicks, so low cost is the key factor.

The truck i *believe* has a 112" wheelbase (because its a longbed) vs. the 109" wheelbase. Im not sure if the extended cab trucks are even longer than 112 or not. If anyone knows any better, please let me know. It seems that the general consensus on wheelbases is that longer is better, so this may be a good thing.

i work at a fabrication shop (mostly drag and oval cars) so I am not afraid to machine/cut/fabricate/weld. I intend on doing at the very least a slight cage just to make things a bit safer, but have been trying to get a good point to start from. Thanks in advance for your help. Im in Tempe AZ if you guys know of any good shops out here too. Ive searched the archives here and found it to be very educational. Thanks for the help.


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You may want to call Geiser Bros. in Phoenix. They have a website also, <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.geiserbros.com>www.geiserbros.com</A> I think.


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yeah... the wheelbase is 121 inches...

Is that too long?? i'll cut it down if it is and get the driveshaft shortened. Anyone have a good wheelbase length?

Mathmatics is the language of nature.