Buffalo Theory: Post your favorite!


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Let me preface this theory by stating it was originally formulated on Cheers. The buffalo theory revolves around the idea that when Buffalo travel in herds - they put all their weak, sick and dying on the outside of the herd. This way, when the heard is attached - the strength of the heard is preserved for reproduction... Then I found this poem... and had to have another beer! :D

Encompassing the herd, preserving the strength
Oh how they sacrifice and sacrifice at length
To give-up their potential, their life, without a simple nod
So that you and I may worship a porcelain God

As the enemy attacks, the herd moves on
The dying go first, then the weak are gone
The sick give fight, however they are next
There is no medical term, to describe it in this text

Consuming is great, but drinking is an ART
The beverages you consume, only make you SMART
So have no fear, and drink another beer
And to the strength of the herd, give a valiant cheer!