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Buggy rental in Vegas???


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I'm going to Vegas in June for a wedding and some of the guys have expressed interest in going out in buggies. I thought Wide Open Baja had a venue set-up in Vegas, but when I checked their website all I see is Cabo and Ensenada.

Can you guys make a suggestion for a good (not cheesey) buggy rental experience/outfit in the Vegas area?



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Stay away from sun buggies ...a bunch of used up cross bread junk......where they take you has signs posted warning of ground contamination......a complete waste of time and effort


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Last I heard that was no longer happening.

Bummer, I always liked him the few times I have spoken to him. I assume Gene is his dad. One time in Baja Gene ended up in the back seat of my pick up because he needed a ride during the 1000 and I had no idea who he was until he was in the truck. It was pretty cool talking to him for an hour or so. It was kind of like the scene in Dust to Glory where Mario Andretti got the ride from the strangers. I had heard a lot of stories from some "old timer" Baja racers and to finally get to meet him was cool.