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Building 4x4 ranger


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I'm looking get rid of my current ranger and build another prerunner, this time with 4 wheel drive. I know that there are different shops that modify the traction beams on rangers, and this is what I'm looking for. I was wondering if anyone has built a similar truck, or just has some helpful advice for me. I'm looking to do the whole front end, ttb's, radius arms, coils, brakelines, possibly coilbuckets, shocks, etc... I know camburg, perry mcneil do 4x4's, anyone else??? how would they compare...quality and price.??
thanks, Jaron


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John Swift probably had the sweetest 4X Ranger ever made. - 351W stuffed in there, a rear a/c system, 12v cooler in the x-cab with a single seat there as well.
I remember it passing us like we were standing still back in '93 in San Felipe on a paved road. I think TMAG built it but I know it was rented out for awhile and it was at Stewarts Raceworks last back being prepped for someone else.

in the link enclosed you can just see the front end of it behind Wayne Lugs old truck.

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.stewartsraceworks.com/wl4.jpg>http://www.stewartsraceworks.com/wl4.jpg</A>


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Chris Wilson had a really nice "95? Ranger 4X4. He put a Dana 44 Twin Traction Beam from an F150 under it. That is the only way to go. Wider and much stronger than your Dana 28 or 40 in the ranger now. If you are keeping the stock 8.8 rearend have some custom axles built for strength and the same lug pattern as the front, they are cheap.



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thanks...if i did go fullsize, dana 44, who could I get to do that work for me??

John Bitting

Call Kreg Donahoe, he has alot of experience building 4x4 TTB systems. He could supply you with all the answers if he cant do it, He will point you in the right direction, Also Camburg is doing a lot with 4x4TTB systems also.. Best bet for everyone call the shops. I still to this day have not met a fabber that would not talk to me and point me in the right direction... That is what I love about this industry...