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Building my first rail/UTV


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I'll start off by saying I'm 19 and in college, so budget is pretty big deal, but I'm not looking to cut corners and lose reliability. The main place where I ride/drive is Dumont Dunes. I've decided that its time to finally get in my own car and be able to say that it is mine and that I (mostly) built it. I currently ride a Honda 450, drive a semi-built rhino and occasionally my dads LS1 rail. I have a one seat rail sitting in my backyard with a junk engine and pretty much junk everything else except frame. My plan is to shorten the wheel base of the rail, widen it to make it fit 2 seats and flip everything to make it a midengine instead of rear engine (mainly because with my driving style I feel like I would be easier on the trans, also Id rather have a more compact car, than full size rail). Ive always loved the Buckshot Racing Bullet, so it is kind of inspired from that. The power plant I'm considering is an ECOTEC 2.4L, since I can get one out of a junk car for about $450-600 shipped to my door. Any suggestions on a different engine or comments about this one? From the research I've done, an 091 trans seems to be the cheapest and more reliable way to go for the price. I am 100% open to suggestions and am actually looking for a lot of ideas from the race dezert community.


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Unless you're absolutely itching to get into the fabrication thing, you would be time and money ahead to find a two-seater frame already built. The rest of your thoughts are not out of the ordinary.