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Building my own fiberglass body ...over my steel cab

Sorry everyone for taking so long to update, Couldnt find the cord to my camera

Here is the molds!
After the nightmare of removing bondo off them I fine sanded them down to 220 grit, then I did 4 coats of buildable/sandable primer. Wet Sanded that down to 1000 grit. Then 4 coats of the part all wax mold release, then sprayed on 6 coats of the pva liquid mold release. After all the mold release was applied I did a thick layer of gel coat and then started laying fiberglass!



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Looks bitchin dude. I really like the progress. I'm considering doing this for my truck as well, as soon as I'm done building it.

Well a miracle happened last night and I got all my glass out of the molds! Everything came out great cant ask for much better! Heres a few crappy cell phone shots till I clean them up and get some good pics, the parts are green because they still have the pva mold release on them

Now its time to clean and trim them up and mount them!
Thanks everyone for the compliments on here and at RATR, for how much time and effort it took it makes me stoked to know everyone else is stoked on it.

I didnt have time to do any finish work on the glass to make everything perfect, or time to really paint it, it was just primered... And primered horribly at that haha, im pretty sure zlomke told me he fell onto the wet paint a few times, and they never drained the compressor so there was water dropletts here and there... I was asleep while it was getting painted, pulled two all nighters getting everything ready... Heres the few pics I have, I left my parents in charge of the cameras and they pretty much photographed everyone BUT me... If anyone else has pics of me please post them up!



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Looks fantastic dude. You've seriously inspired me to do the same thing for my truck I'm building


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great job..
SICK! dont like the color but the fiberglass is looking clean. i went to school for body work and stuff like this kicks the crap out of what the told us in the class.


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Just wanted to stop in and say I saw your truck out at the pismo jump contest a couple weeks ago and it is sweet! Looked like it was working well and the body work looks great in person!


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Yeah man. . .post up some pic's of the finished product. . .saw pic's of the truck in OffRoad magazine, but would like some better pic's of just your truck. . .

. . .how about some more info on the fiberglassing itself. . .how many layers did you use? Did you use sheets, strips, or the strand stuff? Etc. I really would like to do this myself as well so it would be really cool if you would share some of the fiberglass info itself.

What about the fiberglass removal from the molds. . .anything you would do differently. . .

. . .post up any and all info you wish you would have known ahead of time from the "don't let friends work on your stuff" point. Sounds like you weren't to thrilled with the results of using the bondo for the plugs. . .I thought that plugs had to be as absolutely smooth as possible (i.e. gel-coat or similar) so that you would have high quality molds to make your actual fiberglass parts from.

I've been wanting to do something like this for a really long time, but I haven't had anything to do it to until just recently and now I went from no trucks to 3 trucks so perfect timing to see someone else jump right in and get fantastic looking results!!!

Awesome looking truck!