building or buy 6 fun go karts


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I have an expanding family of grand kids and their cousins. I am thinking about buying($$$$) or building 6 plus fun karts and paving or pouring an oval track.would prefer to build . Any ideas on a proven design ? I was thinking Harbor freight engines and skinny tires to make the little boogers learn throttle control while having fun . also having them weighted similarly when loaded w driver to even things out. Being the fat guy at the rental kart places is just riding around while skinny people go fast.

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Do a search for "Azusa go kart". There are places that sell them as kits. Either welded or not. I bought my kids a welded kit for xmas last year. It was about a grand included every thing. I got the bigger engine too. It's expensive really for what you get but what are you gonna do. I did not want any used worn out junk.

The kart is a blast and I can see my daughter who is 13 is going to need a 2-1600 for here 16th birthday. She is a terror on it. No fear. It's a blast to watch and enjoy.

But there short. I am 5'13" and I don't fit. If I bought one for my self I would have to add an extended front hoop/bumper to it and move the peddles forward.

As is said do a search. Look at pics and check eBay and Craig's list. There are a lot of them out there for sale. Good clean fun.

And if you have 2 or more it's a race.
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