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Hi this is Wissam, I'm new to the group. Been living in Dubai for sometime. I drive a Toyota 70 series pickup (4.0 v6, manual gear - photo attached). She's my daily driver and weekend desert dune basher. Newer 70 series are not sold in the US - however they come with the common 1gr fe single vvti engine like the older Fj cruiser and Tacoma. Unlike dune drag racing, dune bashing (my horribly expensive weekend hobby) is about full throttle non-stop for a couple of hours around big sand dunes and sometimes is very hot and humid weather. See video in this Instagram link:

Now to the point. I blew my engine due to poor local expertise in stroker kit installation. I'm looking to build a bulletproof durable 1Gr Fe engine in the US and have it shipped to Dubai for installation. Where do you recommend I go for reputable companies that can provide a top quality complete job with warrantee. The engine will be supercharged 10-15 psi boost to deliver about 350hp on 35 inch wheels on a reliable and durable way considering my tough love. Thanks much


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