Bully Dog/Speed Technologies Primm recap


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Bully Dog Technologies kicked off the short course season this past weekend in Primm, NV at the Lucas Oil Off Road race series in a big way.

During the long off season the crew at Bully Dog have been non-stop preparing for what at first seemed like an uncertain future, then in late December the company made a number of huge announcements; that they were backing the Lucas oil series, that they were forming a “Factory” team with Speed Technologies and then introduced a new class of racing, SuperLite. Four months later it came time to see how they could pull it off, and pull it off they did.

“A lot of work has gone into all of these projects during the winter, it has been a ton of hard work and there are a lot of people involved in each of these projects. Each deserves to be recognized, John Harrah, Kevin Singleton, Chuck Dempsey and the entire Speed Technologies crew, our staff at Bully Dog as well as some key people on the outside such as Eric Morley and the crew at Blue C. And of course Tony and Sherry Vanillo and their staff and the group at Lucas. As I sat in the Hot Pits Sunday afternoon watching the U4/2 race it all sort of hit me, how far this whole thing has come and in such a short time, it was amazing!” stated Mike DeFord of Bully Dog.

The factory Bully Dog/Speed Technologies team provided the best results that Bully Dog has experienced in off road racing. In their first couple of years the company’s drivers never reached the top of the podium, but this weekend in Primm they got there twice with Chuck Dempsey and with John Harrah Jr. the team also had tremendous success finishing up Sunday night with 2 wins and a total of 8 top five finishes in 5 different classes.

The next Lucas race is just around the corner in AZ the first weekend of May and the team is coming to Primm strong in 2 weeks for the BITD race.

The Bully Dog/Speed Technologies team would like to thank our sponsors, Goodyear Tires, Ringers Gloves, Soltek/Baja Designs, Exotic Engines and Team Associated.


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if you BUY your own class, how could you NOT win???????? am i missing something here.....................


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The only thing I'm missing here is a seat to race in, this class looks fun and needs more racers in it. I like the two seater idea and as you know Pete you can sell that other seat. I always thought you were on to something.


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I heard talk that they might do away with the other seat in superlite. is that true? cause that would suck.


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I am Blown Away that you did not say anything about have someone like Jeff Ward driving the Speed Technologies Pro 2.


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Figured everyone knew that from the previous press release that went out annoucing him as one of our drivers ;)


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Just wanted to let you know that we have some photos of

your trucks at the Loorrs race @ the primm.