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Bumpers for 94 Toyota?


I am going to get front and rear "prerunner" style bumpers for my 94 4x4 Toyota. Does anyone have any experience with Downey's bumpers (pictured below)? I have heard they aren't very well made but only from one person. I like the look of the bumpers but I'm not sure that they would be stong enough. I would like to be able to use a hi-lift jack on the bumper. Does anyone have any other similar designs? I was thinking I could just get one custom made. Any thoughts would be appreciated.




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I don't know anything about the Downey prerunner bumpers. But another option you might want to consider is a prerunner bumper from Duffco Enterprises (www.duffcoenterprises.com). I have a front Duffco bumper on my 99 Tacoma. Their standard front bumper is made of 1.5" O.D. and .090" wall round steel tubing. For $100 more, I asked them to make mine out of .120" wall for a little added strength. It also comes standard with two light tabs, a 1/4" thick aluminum skid plate, and a nice black powdercoating, at least the one for the Taco does. I wasn't too happy with the original mounting brackets, so I had a local welder fabricate some custom mounting brackets and some side support braces.

When I called Duffco about a rear bumper a few months ago, they told me their tube bender cannot bend 2" round steel tubing. They can bend up to 1.75" round steel tubing if you want it to look a little beefier, though. You might want to ask them about that.

If you're in California, another option would be to have a race shop fabricate a custom one. Where I'm at in Dallas, Texas, none of the local welders were wiling to help me out. So if you're outside California you might have the same trouble I had finding someone to make one for you.

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Dude have one fabricated, The cost maybe a little bit more but its built a hell of a lot stronger, and it'll look better....... Go to Camburg @ www.camburg.com , and go under bumpers......