bumpsteer question


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Now what is the best way to not have bumpsteer? is it that the mounting points should be the same as the lower arm points? my thought was when i center mount my yota if all i would have to do is build a new center link with them mounted at the same point as the lower arm. MY other thought was has anyone ever used a rack/combo/ ike a saco or are they not completly capable of handiling 33's or 35's.thanx


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A real rough layout would be to view the suspension from the front.
Draw an imaginary line btwn the inner pivot locations.
Draw an imaginary line btwn the outer pivot locations.
Figure out what percent the distance from, say, the lower outer pivot is to the steering arm pivot's location (elevation) on that line. You want the inner tie rod pivot point to be the same percentage of the inner distance.

Now comes the slightly tricky part. Most likely there is some Ackerman in the steering arm. From above you know the nominal length of the tie rod, now you have to translate it laterally to compensate for the I/B-O/B offset caused by Ackerman induced location of the outer steering pivot.
Placement fore/aft I don't yet have a handle on, but that should get you in the ball park.


I used swerve around my halucinations, now I drive right thru them.