Bumpstop adjustment?


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Ok, my buddy has a pretty nice s10 thats hes been working on for a while w/ airbumps in the back. The thing is that he only uses about 1/2 of the shaft under the hardest conditions that the truck will handle. He was wondering if he should let pressure out of them or something, or just leave them how they are in case he hits something really crazy. Im not really sure how airbumps work inside, can they be vaved or anything?

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i know you can put different amounts of nitrogen in them to make them softer or harder but not sure if you can re-valve them. i am considering puting airbumps on the rear of my tacoma also but am not sure what length im going to run them at.


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You can adjust the amount of oil which determines when the bump stop will hydraulic lock.
Most guys who sell air bumps should be able to help you.