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baja B-rad

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Hey guys

I am getting ready to build some A-arms for my full size chevy. I searched and it seems like most people are using uniballs for the inner pivots. I have a TC gen III race kit on my toyota and its using urethane for the inners. I am wondering for this new truck if I could use delrin, or urethane, or oil impregnated bronze instead of uniballs or is it worth it to spend the money for the uniballs?

This truck will most likely never be raced but who knows :D

Thanks guys

baja B-rad

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Thanks. I was kinda leaning that way.

Some one told me there is something called pickled delrin and it is supposed to last longer than the normal stuff. Anybody heard of this?


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We've run both Delrin and impregnated Bronze, and I like the Bronze. Either way I think a bushing is stronger and more durable than a Uniball over the long run. If you don't need a uniball to allow for alignment, stick with simple.


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There's also graphite impregnated nylon that I've
used with great results.


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i found these in mcmasterrcarr
has anybody had experence with any of them? machining , durability , ect.

Kevlar/Nylon (Hydlar Z):

MDS-Filled Nylon 6/6:

Oil-Filled Cast Nylon:


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Hmmm, I've been using up stock here (machine shop) that's been
here since the early 70's. We did a job for the post office that were
for some wear plates to slide mail bags on. I was told by my dad that
it was "graphite impregnated nylon." Hence I haven't had to buy any.
I have used Nylatron (MDS-Filled....) and have found it to work great.
Hope this helps, and hope you'all are busier than I am!