Buying options, pre runner truck or buggy 30-40k


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i didnt know where to post this but looked liked this gets the most traffic. Im gonna be in the market soon for a new vehicle and my price range is gonna be 30-40k. So first if i get a truck id want it fully caged, v8, linked, coilovers, bypasses and bumps on all corners. ive seen some nice trucks with all that in that price range. ive also seen some prerunner buggies also in that range with similiar features like a v8 and coilovers and bypasses. the terrain i usually go to is hard pack llike ocotillo wells, superstition and i might go to glamis once or twice a year. Im just wondering what will be a better ride because id like to go over rough stuff at a decent speed and be able to haul ass over whoops and jump here and there. I had a prerunner truck before with just basic long travel like deavers and total chaos arms and i couldnt go the speed i wanted to so thats why i want to upgrade to something better. im just not to familiar with buggies and i dont know how well the suspension can compare with a truck. Plus i just want to ask because theres no going back once i get something, its taking me a while to be able to save this much money for something


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In short, a $40k buggy will be faster than a $40k truck. However, a $40k truck will be more comfortable. There are trade offs

In a buggy you'll get more purpose built cage, components, suspension. So it will be able to handle the abuse.being lighter and rear engine it will be a bit more bouncy in the hardpack. Unless you tune the suspension super soft... then it will be too soft for the dunes... constant battle.

The truck just has more stuff to deal with. Chassis, cab, interior. Then you are looking at bolt on or somehow modified suspension that had to fit in the truck. You can get a good handling prerunner but the buggy will be faster for that dollar range.

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