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Little birdie tells me that west coast short course fans will have something to watch at KOH with more news coming this week.
Rick seemed really intent on pressing you to say something in the live vid.

Which, for some of us, is good enough.

I confess that I have a selfish reluctance about this, since I'm a Crandon partisan and kinda want to keep it as close to par to events like KOH as possible, but have you thought about adding an actual short course truck event? You've already got a number of short course guys that come for other races. Obviously, would require some work to make the existing short course suitable for such a thing, but...


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About 20 years ago... dang... maybe longer, a few friends and I tried to start a road race series. Basically like global time attack but a 20-25 lap sprint series. But focused on the privateer shop/builder/tuner more so than manufacturer of parts or oems.

dang near every venue asked if we had approval and buy in from the local sporting authority (scca for where I live)... aka the FIA.
we said no. They said they can’t allow a non Fia series to race at their track or they will lose every real series, ability for tv, revocation of safety classification blah blah blah.
But if we got approved by FIA we could talk. We contacted the SJ office and boy what a shake down.

besides how expensive it was. It was we had to follow their rules on classes and that wasn’t so bad. Back then they were going through a epa thing and... well basically our idea would have been shot, we would have a person with veto power on the “new board” we would be paying up the yin yang...
it was crazy.

but if we did that, it opened all these tracks, and track configurations at those tracks, as long as the series lap times didn’t come close with other series that used the same configuration.

anyways it killed it. There was no way we could run the program financially and make it financially reasonable for teams.

(land speed with scta is similar)

I guess with offroad there is less hostage holding by sanctioning bodies to restrict series from racing. But you still have to deal with broadcasting. If espn has a deal with a sanctioning body that says they can’t broadcast any Motorsport that isn’t part of their sanctioned family.... then you’re out.

too many people squeezing the dollar for blood.


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Yeah, none of that applies currently to shortcourse...the landowners own the tracks, the racing org sets the rules, provides event insurance and runs the show and the money brought in is divvied up between the org and the landowner. In the end, it is all about figuring out what checks need to be written, and finding the money to back buy TV time for final broadcast, you sell commercial time in that broadcast, you pay to be on the local radio, you pay for commercial time on local TV networks to advertise and if you spend enough, they come to the track and help promote. If any of the many checks required to put on an event of this magnitude stop getting written, it is like a jenga game and eventually everything goes away.