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Can anyone tell me if a C-6 transmission will bolt up to a 302 block in my F-150? I have an AOD in it right now.


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Call Rich at Art Carr Transmisions he will tell you yes or no and set you up with the parts it will take if you can use the C6 714-901-3777 they are in Huntington Beach

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Is your engine a 302 or a 5.0? The reason I ask, although the engines have the same deplacement, the 302 is considered to be the carb equipped engine... while the 5.0 is electronically fuel injected. The bellhousing pattern will be the same for 302 or 351w and 5.0 and 5.8 engines. Is the truck 2wd or 4wd? Why are you swapping to a C6? Just curious - Art Carr is an excellent source of info, as is TransPros in San Bernardino.



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when you get the flexplate or flywheel or whatever, make sure it is made for the right crankshaft imbalance. older 302's had like a 50oz. imbalance and the newer ones had 28oz. imbalance. not exactly sure on those numbers but i know that sum were different so definatley look into that. maybe that just has to do with the harmonic balancer i dont really remember but thats what popped into my head when i read your question. maybe its not even relevent...but maybe it is.

good luck!


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I have an 89' F-150, 5.0 EFI. And thanks for all of the info you guys have given me.


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That will have the 50 oz. imbalance. The imbalance changed back in '81 or '82, depending on who you talk to. You should be able to keep your AOD flexplate and bolt a C6 converter with the correct bolt pattern up to it-at least that's what we do when we put C4s behind late model SEFI 5.0s in the early Broncos.

Todd Z.