(C.R.C.) Challenger Racing Championship


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I have been approach by many class 9 guys and girls about a three race schedule
for the 2002 season I want some input on this matter who would like to help me get this thing
going we need to get a series sponsor to put up some cash for the winner. The series will
run the 3 funnest corses out there the 1st race would be the Parker 400 the 2nd Avi 250 in
Laughlin,NV and the 3rd and final race would be the Dusty Times 250 in Caliente,NV.
If it works out the 2003 season will include more races and money. Please e-mail me with your
suggestions at katracing@aol.com"]katracing@aol.com[/url]

Hopefuly we can make next year fun for the guys and girls that race on a budget

I will keep every one updated as to what happens