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correction on my e-mail is katracing32@aol.com"]katracing32@aol.com[/url]

here is an exampel of payback for the winner of the series
entry fee is a 1 time fee of $250
hopefuly I can get a series sponsor to put up $5,000 Cash
this is an example with 30 cars
$7,500 + $5,000 = $12,500
$1,500 will go to the racing organization to help with BLM cost ect.....

the purse would be $11,000

1st = $5,500
2nd= $2,400
3rd= $1,400
4th= $1,000
5th= $ 700


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Wow, seriously cool idea. There have been many Class 9 drivers writing to FormulaNine.com about this. In fact, the poll that was on the site generated much interest and ideas. It would be great to see some more public discussion about this idea. If you are not already eligable to post in this forum, please <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.formulanine.com/forumintro.htm>click here</A> to get details on posting in here.


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Good Idea, but (don't mean to be negative here, just a little constructive critisism) I noticed you picked 3 SNORE races to run. Seems to me that if you want a true "Challenger Racing Championship" you would want to get class 9 racers that run in other race promoters races involved also. Pick 3 races from 3 different promoters or better yet let the teams involved take a vote, i.e: pro-dirt and the class 1600 group.


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Kurt, I like the idea of a vote on the races. The members could choose which three races they like, just as Pro1600/ProDirt has done. With different race orgs chosen, the CRC group could use the 2002 season to decide which organization/promoter will work the best for the group. Then in 2003, maybe a single promoter/organization could be chosen for the whole season. A group such as CRC could bring 30+ cars with them to an event. This would be good for the racers and the org/promoter. Just a thought. Let's hear what others think. Mike