C1 LITE on superbowl Bridgestone commercial


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Yes the body was digitally created but all the driving was done by Mike Johnson with Greg Tracy co-driving. They were both in space suits and space helmits so it made that much harder. I want to think Brian from fusion I wuold also like to think Mike Emerson,Dave and Victor from Pflueger Racing who help with the Buggie.


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I had to build a bunch of "special effect" panels on the car and cut a bunch of tubes out to make it easier for the graphics guys. It had these shelves as i called them over all the wheels to give it a shadow effect over the wheels so it looked like they were in a fender well. It was shot up in a place called little lake near ridge crest.

if you search youtube for bridgestone Hot Item you can see the behind the scenes shots from it.


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where did you guys shoot???little lake?Ridgecrest??Did not even know that was out there.