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C4 racing temps


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C4 hitting 240 several times testing yesterday. I know I already know the answer but asking anyway
Ford 2.3 turbo
(1) trans cooler fan on the entire time

sand arroyo (hitting 240 quick) typical

What bothered me was straight away (slight uphill but flat) about 80mph it hit 240. Even trying to level out on the throttle.
Headng back slight down hill sat 220 range on the gas

Dirtracer 619

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I have 2 coolers with a 25-2800 stall converter and never have an issue. We rune 210 in the washes maybe 220 on a hot day in the silt.


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Two coolers is pretty much a must or one big one. Our set up on c4 and c6 was two Fluedyine Enduro coolers with Fan. Kept the trans under 220

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jon coleman

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cls 3 brnco ran close to 300, atf runs hotter than eng.be carefull were u place lines& cooler, if a fail u get sprayed w hot chocolate!!, happend at barstow.so it sounds like your temp are no problemo