Cactus Flats OHV Area


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Jun 7, 2001
Southern California
Request for input from anyone regarding these issues........I will tell Janet, who wrote this, to come to this site to check for any suggestions/comments you all may have on this. It's good to see another person getting involved !!

e-mail # 1

I am just starting the process to adopt Cactus Flats OHV area under the
"adopt-a-trail" program. I would like to know if D-37, or anyone else wants
to join in this process.
The local forestry wants Cabanas and picnic tables, but I don't really want
to see all that. I'd much rather have our efforts used to improve trails,
access roads, and make riding there a bit safer for everyone. I would like
to add some public education as to native wildlife, etc to the plan that I
am writing. I personally think that educating the public "here is a picture
of Little Bunny FuFu....don't run over him and don't scare him"....would be
better then picnic benches and such.
Even if you don't nessesary want to help, please feel free to give me input
on what you'd want to see there or at any other riding area.
If this works out well at Catus Flats, I am very interested in expanding the
"adoption" program to other areas.
I personally would rather work WITH local forestry then against them.

e-mail # 2
I am starting the process of adopting Cactus Flats OHV riding area. If you
would like to give some input or let others know....that would be great. We
are doing this through the USDA Forest Service "Adopt-a-Trail" program.
One thing I need help with is how we can get occational off-roaders to STOP
littering? The past 3 times I have been to Cactus Flats, my family and I, as
well as a *few*(the apathy of MANY is dispicable and downright embarrasing
to our sport!!!!!!!!!!!) other off roaders have had to clean up after VERY
rude off roaders leaving BAGS (NOT in bags....but the volume that was left)
of trash well as nails, broken bottles and other dangerous
debris. This sort of crap HAS to end or the environmentalists WILL win their
fight! This is one main reason spuring me to adopt our local area.....the
trash issue. That and the unsafe conditions that happen when people just
ride like crazy maniacs unconcerned with others riding in the area (children
in particular). This is VERY BAD publicity for the off roading community in
The race schedule starts again soon and I will be unable to "babysit" the
idiots that want to trash our local riding area.
I do NOT want to get into an "US against THEM" thing....but I see a general
misuse of the land, trash, DANGEROUS riding amoung quad owners. Yes, there
are a few 2 wheelers that are rude, too.....but the overwhelming majority at
our local area that cause "trouble" are the quad owners.
Any hints on how this can be curbed in a mutually beneficial way would be
apprecited. I know we are all in this together.....but when you see one
group stand out as being a MAJOR part of "the problem"'s hard to
embrace them as part of "our" group.
Cactus Flats is on the Lucerne side of the mountain Big Bear Lake is on.
It´s sort of near Johnson Valley, but up in the mountains.
Look just to the right of where it says "Big Bear Lake" in the lighter green
shaded area:
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Apr 1, 2001

One idea is to place signs up indicating that the OHV community wants all users to pack out what they pack in and be responsible visitors to the desert. Since it's further off the beat and path than a place like stoddard, they could consider having dumpsters placed out there for trash disposal and then get a contract for pick-up. Also signing any high-speed areas on the race courses is an option, that way visitors know where to expect high speed vehciles to be and they can stay clear of that area if they are just out to play for the day or weekend.

Another idea is get together with D-37 and start putting information in the drivers packets about people leaving trash so they can pass along the information as they see it.

Currently, I along with the members of CORDR, am working with the BLM to begin an outreach program regarding the trash left in the desert - as soon as its ready to launch I'll let you know.

Just a few ideeers....

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Apr 10, 2001
Big Bear,Ca.
randy-please have anet contact me. cactus flats is a personal item for me, the cabanas and picnic tables were part of a plan i submitted to greg hoffman for the area. he has not contacted me about adopting it out and i have support up here on the mountain for this area. we have specific items we want to see happen here since we have been involved with the barbedwire removal. what group/club does she represent? email me and i will give you my phone #. thanks martin

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Nov 13, 2003
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Drove by on our way to Big Bear for the fireworks show and noticed Cactus flats had a closed sign along with some nice big boulders in the way. F'in figures.


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Dec 5, 2007
Big Bear, CA
Neale- I think it has been closed due to some filming that has been going on down there. That is my hope anyway. I don't know what the deal is with the riprap the USFS has dumped in the open area. Again, I am assuming this is a temporary issue because they said they plan to place all the rocks that were developed from the new bridge at the dam back over to that side of the lake when construction is done. I have also heard the USFS might just sell all this granite to materials companies. Regardless, the rocks need to go away from Cactus Flats. When my dad tried to get Cactus Flats developed into a more organized type riding area with some designated tracks to prevent possible collisions between the fast guys and the slow little kids, he was told by the USFS that they didn't want to do anything with Cactus Flats that might create more people riding there. Since that time, several things the USFS promised back at the start of the OHV Volunteer program have never come to fruition and some of it was simply a lie to get OHVers involved in the program. More routes on the San Bernardino have been closed to green sticker vehicles since the OHV program started and those that were suppose to complete the Cleghorn to Pi-town trail were never going to allowed to be green stickered. It is a shame that organized trails that go somewhere and are more than a couple miles long don't exist for green sticker vehicles. The original plan was agreat idea and probably would have reduced the illegal riding that happens now, but that might not be what their goal was.