CAD Files for designing chassis, etc


Hi all, was wondering how people get their various parts, motors, etc into the various CAD software. I’m convinced there must be a library of sorts, or forum to trade/source files. You know, shocks, motors, spindles, hubs, wheels, etc.

I have Bend-Tech Pro, AutoCad, and Soludworks. Am just learning CAD, towards building my own long travel Baja or Pre-Runner, and wanted to design it out.

Any help would be appreciated


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Have you tried GrabCAD? It's a user contributed library/drawing repository. I use it from time to time for general mechanical models. GrabCAD There are also others.

Here's a shock someone has just uploaded to GrabCAD. GrabCAD - CAD library

EDIT: Here's a King 18" x 3" bypass shock GrabCAD - CAD library

I think most of what you need you'll have to make yourself. It's likely the big builders won't share their libraries and from what I can see not too many part time/hobby guys like me use CAD. I use the drawing packages you use as well though I've gone Autodesk Fusion 360 for 3D (basically them porting Inventor to the cloud with CAM and Sim included) because my SW seat is at the "day gig". I do complete assemblies only for tube fab (in Bendtech), cages, bumpers, etc. I use 3D or 2D CAD for single parts or simple assemblies, cutting flat parts, etc. Here's a set of engine mounts I used as a starting point for what's going in the truck I'm currently building. A360

For me it doesn't make much sense to do a full car in CAD but I'm doing production cars converted to race cars. For related parts I make primitive place holders/spacers. The dims and things like mount points and general size are exact but the overall dims, shading, texture, etc are primitive. Works great for clearances and general size but doesn't render realistically. If you find something you can share let the rest of us know. I'm sure there are at least a few of us that could use it.
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