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Needless to say, the May 1 race at Cal City has been moved back. We're now working on the June 19, night race at Cal City. The reasons are many and SHORTLY, I will be publishing a chronological account of what's been going on. I can't believe it. It was as they say, "A slam-dunk!"

The City still wants the five-vent series. So we have moved the May 1 date to November. As I said, shortly, there will be a "link" to our site where it explains what we've been going through to get our series going. If you're interested in the details, we welcome you to take a look at it.

Sorry, but we'll get it done! Thanks for the support. By the way, we've had over 100 racers call and commit to race Cal City. Take 20% of those, and I think we can still have a good turnout, if and, when we do it. The June 19 will be a night race using the same racecourse we had planned for the May 1 date.

We also have a couple of options, including the City assigning us a permanent off-road gran prix racecourse. This would be a 11- to 13-mile racecourse exclusively for racing. Similar to what they use in Laughlin and at the AVI. It's located in the same area that many of us have used to test our cars, suspension, driving skills, etc. for years. Just awesome! More on this later. Thanks for your patience.

Stand by.

Lou Peralta


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let use know when you are ready to go. the night race sounds cool.


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