Calico Trail - San Juan Mtns., CO ***VIDEO***


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a spectacular single track out of Rico, in the San Juan Mtns., SW CO. Jose Armesto, former expert Vegas to Reno bike winner showing me the special trails --- ran into Mark Miller - riding the only blue KTM/Red Bull bike I have seen. This trail is being threatened by eco-enviro-extremists. Trail is pretty much only open from July to September, due to snow.

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Thats EPIC!


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My Dad hunts Elk in the San Juans...he really likes it up there. When are you going to invite me to go ride up there? I have a KTM:)


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Beautiful country. I have a hunting camp and horse property in Pagosa Springs where I hunt deer and elk too. Love it!


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Very nice.....Did anybody notice the (X) on the sign for the motorcycles?


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Very nice.....Did anybody notice the (X) on the sign for the motorcycles?
yeah, damn eco-nazi's. Such hypocrites, those damn horses do more damage then dirtbikes.

Most of the MTB spots out here allow horses, they leave big ass hoof marks when the ground is damp.


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I have been their spent 3 days riding around Silverton and Oury you guys have it made you try to ride a duel sport ANYWHERE around Jackson Hole your asking for a fight these people up here are pricks about THEIR Mountian. you can ride from star valley over the Mountian to la barge It's ok but It's not single track and you have to watch out for the drunks from Pinedale on their atvs trying to take you out at every corner.


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Thanks for the video Doug; we are in real trouble of losing these trails above Rico. I'll look for the info and hopefully find and post what I found recently about the Town of Rico and the local and non-local well-to-do's trying to close these trails for their 'quiet corridor.'