California Super Trucks????


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Not that I'm aware of. Were currently producing parts for them as I type this reply.

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I got the skinny on this... :)

Kevin and Chris are screwing each other right now. Chris wants out of the retail side of the business, and wants 100% rights to everything manufacturing related, all designs, jigs, you name it. Chris also wants the California SuperTrucks name. Kevin gets to keep the current building lease and all retail goods at the San Bernardino location. Kevin thinks Chris is screwing him and Chris just wants to get the hell out of the San Berdoo store. Kevin feels, and I agree, that CST is where they are today because he helped spread the CST brand name via retail installations.

Note to everyone reading this, if you are in a 50/50 partnership, GET THE HELL OUT OF IT NOW!!!

The production has been cut WAY back, reasons are simple, Chris doesn't want to put anymore money into Kevins pocket. As long as the two guys are partners, they have to spilt the profits and pay bills. If Chris goes and does his own thing, it's more for him and less for everyone else. Kevin wants a piece of the new manufacturing action, including some type of contract that will require Chris to sell CST brand parts to Kevin and his two stores. Chris doesn't want to have anything to do with contracts... So the lawyers are writing back and forth. It's pathetic to see two great friends wind up like this. I got out of the whole scene when everyone started to give me [censored] for trying to help. It's a big cluster [censored] if you ask me. Both guys are slowly but surely destroying the CST brand name. I've known both guys since they started CST years ago... both guys are generally good guys. They are going through a messy divorce right now and CST product availability has been DRASTICALLY reduced. I have been trying for YEARS to help expand their products into new dealers around the US via the web - which lead to a "you can't sell what ya ain't got" scenario. I personally turned down $50k in retail sales EVERY MONTH with internet customers alone. I bet I've got 50 guys all over the world waiting for the $6500 Ford IFS long travel system... if it were available tomorrow, they'd all be in. Dealers don't like it when the head of manufacturing tells them it "might be 3-4 weeks, but I don't know" when they are ready to place a big order. Do the math, CST is turning down at least a million bucks in sales every year because the manufacturing side can't keep up with demand. If something doesn't happen soon it won't matter, dealers are already pissed off, Fabtech continues to get BIGGER and BIGGER, and eventually nobody will give a rats ass who CST is. Kevin will start installing other manufacturers lift products, Chris will have a great big fab facility somewhere with shelves FULL of stuff nobody wants to buy because they got screwed before and don't want to get screwed again.

Summary: CST is still alive and limping. Product is still being made to usual high level of quality. Kevin and Chris are calling it quits are partners and are now fighting over who gets what.

This outta land me in some hot water --- :)


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Wholly I failed spelling. This sucks. I have spoke with Kevin a number of times. He out bid me on the Riverside location. I wanted it and he got it. I wish them both nothing but the best. They both make valid points. Very sad... : ( From what I have heard Chris is an ex-Walker Evans fabricator and his I failed spelling ROCKS. Kevin is a very straight forward guy from my personal experience. Solve it guys. No body wants or needs this kind of headache. W.T.F. man...? Jeff - you are right you should be on fire right about now...