Call Out to Aaron Dixon


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Aaron ,

Well as you know I am not part of the Class 8 mailing list , so I never got to read your post . However it was read to me . I think the way you feel about my racing and my truck were made very clear . I say if you think my truck is such a POS and I can't drive then surely you would be up for the challenge to whoop me at The Kartek 400 . After all , as you said you've never seen my truck finish a race . What do you have to fear ?? How did you do last year in MDR ?? Was I the one that DNFed ?? How about your prerun action at BITD ?? Not even at speed . Well as you can see , I only have two DNFs for the year , so you should be able to easily whoop me . Right ?? I don't talk anything that I can't do . I say bring your truck out let's get it on !!
I don't have the luxury of having my own little private Email list where I can talk crap to just my buddies . I say it out in the open for even you to hear my response . I would never say that I could whoop someone and not even show up to race . Are you in , or are you just going to talk where I can't defend myself ?? 7AM June 23rd . You know the place I'm Sure .

Dan Vance


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from what I remember about aarons post (and the posts that led up to his reply) he wasn't really bashing you. He said at first that Sheryl should buy his truck and get it ready to race so she could whoop you at the upcoming MDR race. He wasn't saying it in a mean manner by any means, he said it jokingly... poking fun that sheryl could get his truck and beat you in yours after the purchase of your truck fell through for whatever reason.

I don't think that there is any doubt that your truck is very nice... not on the class 8 coalition list, the inland prerunners group or in the real world. Someone said in the post after his that you had usually made the decision to race your truck the night before (or a couple before that) and were never really able to properly prep. Either way though, you can't say that you don't drive your truck very hard... the "legend" of your truck is getting to be near as great as Robby at Glamis.

Now as far as the Class 8 Coalition mailing list being a "little private Email list where I can talk crap to just my buddies", you couldn't be farther from the truth. It is a group of people who love the sport of off road truck RACING and specifically, Class 8 trucks. Don't go bashing on a list that is helping our sport to grow and quite possibly gave others ideas to form other coalitions / organizations / clubs.

Sure Aaron's truck might not be able to beat yours (mind you, it's a self built uncompleted prerunner that I'm sure he has 1/3 the $$ into it that you have into yours) but I'd bet that there are a few members on the list who's trucks would whoop yours.

I'm not trying to start some big fight here, the sport is just to small to have people squabble over stupid ego's being hurt and who said what about whom.


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NIce post Scott and Dan he is not BS's you. That is pretty much exactly what was said. And the C8C are actually a great bunch of guys and one terrific gal. I think everyone and anyone should come out there and see what they can do against WFO Dan. What can it hurt and hey the FANS are going to love it. Let's see all of you there!!



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Dan, I think someone blew you up with some hot air!!! If you remember, Sheryl said she would love to race against you, but her truck wasn't done.... I'm trying to sell my truck, so I said, "You should buy my truck so you can whoop up on Dan." You know, ha ha ha :) Fun and games. Then, the next post on the mail list was from your unknown buddy and he said, "Good Luck! Dan eats people like you for Dinner" I thought that was a joke and thought to myself, "What the hell does that mean?" Anyway, I proceeded to ask when the last race you finished was? I'm not talking [censored], just trying to get this guy to back up his [censored]. Anyway, as anyone on that list will tell you, I never said your truck was a POS, and I was not talking [censored] about You.

As far as showing up to race you... I would love to, but there just happens to be a BITD that weekend that we are already racing in. I'll be racing the entire BITD season, so I don't really have any free time to do an MDR race.

Aaron Dixon