Calling all CA CDL drivers


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I am cross posting this from CalGuns and could really use the help so I thought I would ask here, thanks.

I have a question for you CA Class A CDL holders/drivers. I would like to speak to those that have their own truck or have access to it on their days off and would like to make some extra $ if possible/legal.

Thanks in advance!!!
BUMP, going to go the Jiffy Truck rental route but if I can secure some extra training like the pre-trip inspection, walk around, air brakes, etc and maybe some driving time I would pay you for your time. Ill be getting my permit here hopefully tomorrow or in the next few days so I will be legal with a CDL driver in the right hand seat. Or if I can tag along for a few days while you run your load locally that would be awesome. Trying to get my CDL first shot and dont want to fail so Id like to get some prior experience. Thanks in advance!

If you can help at all please PM me this would help me out a ton! Again I can pay you for your time (Im unemployed here so please dont rape me lol), or I can give you a stripped lower or 2 for compensation. PM me and we can figure out something mutually acceptable.