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Camburg Racing 2019 General Tire Vegas to Reno by Fox Race video

Jerry Zaiden

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Kyle Jergensen and the whole team did a great job at this years Vegas to Reno. We had a near perfect run. 1st place in qualifying, lead the race all day, zero flats, only issue was after we lost the hood the temps got hot. 1st place in the 6100 class finishing in front of our General Tire team mate Travis Chase. And 8th overall

Here is a video put together by Bryant Lambert.


J Prich

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So stoked for you guys. Really random thought but after all the years of trails and tribulations, the thing that popped in to my head...of all things...was Pete, lol. I can only speculate the crap Pete probably would have unleashed here but what a great effort and result for the whole Camburg team. Nothing can take away from this one...a large field with heavy hitters, the longest distanced race in the US, and you guys managed to put the truck up front and kept it there all day. Excellent payout for all the hard work and effort you guys have put in over the years. Congrats, it's well deserved!


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Congratulations Team Camburg and Kyle. Kyle has killed it for SS300 and now V2R. Camburg built a truck that Kyle and push hard in and thats saying something.



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Pole in qualifying backed by a dominate win, great accomplishment. And an awesome video to capture it all. Congrats!
Good job to the Camburg team! Much deserved podium for sure! On a side note, I’m pretty sure Kyle earned himself some body panel real estate for the next race. ?