Camburg Radius Arms in San Diego


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Aug 27, 2001
las vegas, Nv
I'm going to be checking out the Donahoe Radius arms tomorrow evening at the Malibu Dan's Expo but I'm not positive that they will work on my Explorer. On the other hand I do know that the Camburgs will fit. If tomorrow night I decide that the Donahoe's aren't going to work with what I need do you guys know anyplaces in San Diego that stock Camburg's stuff, specifically a set of 4WD radius arms? Any ideas on places to call and check? I talked with Camburg and they are slammed for the Thanksgiving rush and would have to make a set so I doubt I'd be getting those straight from them next week. Any ideas on where I could find a set this Monday if I don't go with Donahoe's tomorrow night would be great!!!

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