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Camburgs new a-arms


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I when over to Camburg yesterday and saw that they are making new a-arms for Tacomas but they are BOXED not tubular. They were sweet, no more bushings also instead a 1" mono ball for the pivot points. According to Jason they are going to do this with all thier a-arms truck kits. They are even coming out with a long travel kit for the new silverado's and a thier own spindle which I'm happy to see. They said they cost of these kits wont be going up too much. I'm trying to get some pictures to post so everone can check them out.


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I heard that camburg did'nt want to let that out of the bag yet.


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That's going to be offered in a kit? WOW, too bad it won't fit my ride. It looks a lot like some H&M had on their floor 2 weeks ago when I was in there.

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Jerry Zaiden

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This is the new kit! It is bolt on all but the air bump and the top limit strap mount. We have a few in the shop right now so if anyone wants to stop by and check it out fell free to come on by!


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hey those arms look familiar! i was in the shop today and this kit is awesome. any tacoma guy looking for a long travel kit should definately check this one out.


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The arms look awesome. How do you get that clear finish on them though without it rusting over?



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why not clear coat them it would be cheaper liek 3 bucks for rattle can

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I used to rattle can the clear stuff for my mild steel bumpers but after a while they still would rust. It was a pain to take off the clear to get rid of the rust. If they are chromoly it will be different.



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Looks sexy. Going for the trophy truck look huh Jerry? Set em up with a set of HID's and they are ready for the BAJA!


Jerry Zaiden

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This kit will allow 14" ball joint bind to ball joint bind. The total travel is 12 3/4" of useable travel. After you mount limit straps and bumpstops.