Cameron Steel is a Bi*ch


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Now that I got your attention.

Check out this link.

There were only a handfull of off-roaders at the meeting last night, the off-road comunity needs to represent otherwise there will be no racing in Primm, tree bar antics included.

I will be there tonight with as many of my pit guys I can muster up.

Now I'm going to call out some people:

-SNORE Board of Directors are you going to be there tonight?

-LVDC and Butches speed shop, who is coming from your group? Cmon Butch and Pat this not only affects your hobby but also the business.

-Nevada Off Road Buggy, The MacCachrens better be there. Lets see how much Rob cares.

-VW automotive, Bill you know better. Get your skinny a** there tonight.

-DRP/Flippins, Those new badass cars wont have a place to race.

-Wiks Racing, Adam get off the dyno and be there tonight.

-RC Trans, John this is important, are you going to be there?

-T-Baggin, you guys are queers if you dont show up.

-Collins Racing, Billy, Robby, Brian Will you guys come? Does this matter to you ?

-Baldwin Racing, Bj, Bobby are you comming. Your support and influece would be great. See ya there right?

-Menzies Motorsports, Steve, Bryce, Sparky, Larry I know there are plans to race some desert stuff.

-Desert Assasins, CMON Lucas show us that the DA cares.

-Terrible Herbst, We need people like you guys there

-The state of California, Who from cali is going to man up and be there

-The state of Arizona, Do Ari racers care?

-MRAN, where are the bike guys at?

-BITD, Casey are you kidding me, you diddnt show up for this last night?

-SCORE, Sal what the hell are you thinking.

And any other person who races, chases, pits, camps, rides, or spectates in the jean/primm area you need to be at the meeting tonight.

There is a meeting for all the out of towners on Tuesday 8/18. For all that are coming to V2R you will be in town allready. What is your excuse now????

Lets see who gives a shi***

P.S. I take back what I said about Cam.


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WOW!! Now that's a way to get people's attention LOL!! :D

Everyone should make every effort to keep our deserts open or we won't have anywhere to race! :(


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This is awesome. Hope it grabs these guys'/gals' ears!

B-Dub 1020

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Bryan I like your style, Since I know all you Havasu racers will look at this one, call me and lets get a group together and go to the Goldstrike next Tues. This is serious since we all love racing in Primm


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WOW, wish I could show and give a voice from the pacific NW racer's.


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RFS Motorsports will be there! What time?

Andy Mac

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Hey Freedogger, I believe it's spelled STEELE! LOL! Sorry for the smart **BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME** remark, now back to your regularly scheduled program...

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Probably too late to start now for tonight but just something to think about, might be worth some kind of coordinated effort for clothing or something to increase visibility for the Jean meeting.

I'm saying that if I show up tonight for example, unless I speak, who knows why I'm there? Just suggesting that having some kind of united front, trying to gather everyone up beforehand and sit in a group, maybe have a representative speaker or two with some prepared statments, that kind of thing.

Seems like that would make more of a statement that we're after here versus just a random collection of people sitting in.

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I was planning on getting down there on wed the night before the V2R. I'm gonna try to get there on tues. so i can go to the last meeting.

I used to call Primm, Grimm. Before i was enlightened, i would always ask myself or whoever was in the car as we drove over the state line (mostly on the way to Utah for the pow pow), "why would you ever want to stop in Primm and who are those people that do" I mean all you have to do is drive another 30 min and you can be in Vegas. a really big gas station, Nevada residents buying Cali lottery tickets and cheap pots and pans at the outlet store can't be the only redeeming qualitys of that lovely area.

but then i decided to show up for the 2008 BITD race. let's just say i wasn't happy about going to Primm. I'm doing a film about off-road racing in Baja and what the hell was i doing hauling my ass to frickin' Grimm. i wanted to go to the 2008 CORR race but couldn't. so then came the end of summer and i rolled out for the 2008 SCORE race. It was like 104 in the shade, but wait there is no shade. not quite beautiful San Juanico, BCS Mex which is kinda the focal point of my movie. and then i went to the 2009 BITD race. Grimm started to grow on me. My film is about Baja but it is also about off-road racing and i finally realized how important Primm is to this sport. Every major sanctioning body in this sport, desert and shortcourse races in PRIMM. There is not another place in the world like it. EVERYBODY races in Primm. It might not be everybody's favorite but people do look forward to going there. My longtime question had been answered. Off-road racers go to Primm. several times a year.

so you guys have to save that place for your sport. put the mirrors somewhere else. somewhere that isn't so important to a sport, lifestyle, multiple industries and the only real reason to get off the interstate.

ps i'll be there with my camera next tues. so if anyone wants to say something on camera about Primm and all this please feel free to do so. If any of the other film guys want to get together and put together a little public service message in favor of off-road racing let me know.

sorry about the duplicate post


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Hey Freedogger, I believe it's spelled STEELE! LOL! Sorry for the smart **BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME** remark, now back to your regularly scheduled program...
Thats what i call a creative use of a misspelled name. PAB cant get pissed... That's not his name.:D


our only DA reps out in vegas are GG and uncle lucas, so i'm sure they will be in the hizzay representing --- and you're right ....... "cameron steelE is a BIATCH" :p

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Sorry to ramble, just sitting here thinking about it. In terms of a united front and expressing concerns over the proposal, I feel like the "lifestyle" angle is a tough sell. If I'm a govt. type person, the negative impact to the fun and entertainment of a small population of desert racing enthusiasts is not going to outweigh the economic impact a major solar energy project is going to have.

The only angle that will hold significant merit in my admittedly uneducated opinion is money. If everyone shows up and says don't take the desert away because we like to race there, a bunch of old guys who don't know the first thing about off road racing are unlikely to be moved. The desert tortoise people in fact probably will have more luck playing the sympathy card.

But what can have an impact I'd think is by having industry affected representatives discuss the financial impact those handful of races have on the area, the state, etc. How much money is generated in Primm during a race weekend? Room tax, etc. Those numbers could help quantify why this is about more then just a lifestyle, its about business as well. What kind of financial impact would taking away those races have on the bottom line for the Primm hotels?

I don't know if anyone has done that but there are a lot of smart business savvy folks around here. I'm thinking facts and numbers stands to move more people then asking for sympathy for a hobby or lifestyle the feds don't remotely understand anyway.


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our only DA reps out in vegas are GG and uncle lucas, so i'm sure they will be in the hizzay representing --- and you're right ....... "cameron steelE is a BIATCH" :p
Deano can Lucas REP Team STOUT I cant make it NEW BABY Sorry I do CARE..........;)